The Role of a Music Video Director | Guest: Ainsley Bowman 🎬

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Ainsley Bowman

Director, Creative, Filmmaker
Instagram @ainsleymbowman

Making A Music Video.

Case Study: Hyyts ‘Low Sound’


  • In this case, one face-to-face meeting with the artist and then constantly on calls to talk over ideas
  • You think — Where are we going to shoot the x5 scenes in this video?
  • Assign your crew — who do you want to work with (Director Of Photography was Steve Cardno, Art Director was Marie Lidén, Producer was Beth Allan, Casting Directors, Make-Up, Wardrobe, etc.)
  • This video needed a cast (Facebook is a great tool for that)
  • Had a fight coordinator come on board as they had a fight scene (talked the guys through how to take a punch safely and ensure it looked convincing)
  • You are thinking — what do you need each scene to look like (so bring on an Art Director to work alongside you)
  • The schedule was organised by the Producer — this was shot over 2 days


After you shoot, you go into the edit

  • Send version to the band, then await feedback (back and forth to make those tweaks)
  • Then when you have the final sign off, you move onto the final grading to make it look pretty to be delivered to go out into the world

Selected Work.

✨ HYTTS ✨ Be Charlotte ✨ Celeste ✨ Ninth Wave ✨ The LaFontaines ✨ and more…

Advice for Music Video Treatments.

We Direct Music Videos: a treatment database which was recently set up and is an INCREDIBLE resource for examples of treatments

  1. The team and make contact with some of these folk


Ailie Hutcheson — Graphic Designer @dailiedesign

Scottish lassie @gabicorbett