The Importance of Graphic Design in Music | Guest: Raissa Pardini 🌈

Typography, designing band & gig posters, book covers, and sharing good vibes.

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What we talk about.

The importance of graphic design in music.

Coming up in this episode EP 19 and I have Italian born, UK based graphic designer Raissa Pardini joining me to chat about:

✨ Typography

✨ Creating band posters, merch, etc. including PONDS, IDLES, Tame Impala, Squid

✨ Designing book covers including, Velvet Mafia (gay producers behind the music scene in swinging London), Dolly Parton’s ‘Not Dumb, Not Blonde’, Pamela Des Barres “I’m With The Band”

✨ Raissa plans to open a new studio in Glasgow post lockdown

✨ The launch of her new font ‘Group’ this week. All proceeds going to the World Health Organistaion.

✨ Her love of Dragons Den!

“Every time I see a great woman, I want to be a great woman as well. The more we show things are possible the more woman will be inspired.”


My guest.

Raissia Pardini

Graphic Designer
Instagram: @raissa_pardini

Design for her is not just a thing of beauty. She likes to send an important message; working with others who want to help with climate change etc.

Typography is a clear focal point to her work which includes vibrant colours, bold type, and challenging forms.


✨ Reach out to bands on Instagram or in-person

✨ If you love a band — ask them!

✨ Finding your style as a designer takes time. Especially if you are working for clients who have an idea in mind.

Creative ways to raise money for charities in lockdown.

‘Group’ font

Launched for W.H.O fund + Bird on the Wire auction for Women’s Aid + more…

Raissa is partnering with various collectives, creatives, and charities to share good vibes and help fund charities during this crisis.

✨ “It’s okay to be upset because I am too”. A slogan that Raissa made into a poster. She has now collaborated with **Brotherhood marketing**

Bird On The Wire monthly auction. Raissa is the resident artist for May, auctioning band posters every Sunday with all money going to Women’s Aid.

Released a font called ‘Group — all money going to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) to help with a campaign to help fight COVID 19.


Women’s Aid

Music Sales Group

Cause and Effect Design (studio in Glasgow that gave Raissa her first desk)

Form Digital (creative graphic design studio in Aberdeen & Glasgow)

Polytype (an independent type foundry based in Glasgow)

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