Profile on Alan Partridge fan podcast ‘Monkey Tennis’

We talk Simon Greenall, Acast as a podcast host, Ko-Fi vs. Patreon.

Bitesize Profile.

First up — Monkey Tennis Podcast.

My guests.

Tom Stabb

What we talk about.

Do you ever have guests?

Other great companion podcasts?

Where do you host post your podcast?

  • Direct relationship with Apple podcasts — pitch your podcast to Apple for potential homepage promotion
  • Host your podcast
  • Access to analytics — allows you to stream your podcast and make it better
  • At the end of last year, Acast launched Acast Open (offers great podcast hosting services for creative podcasters at all staged of your podcasting career).
  • For more information go to Acast Open.

Ko-fi vs. Patreon.

Want to hear more?

✨Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Celebrate✨

✨ Bitesize chunks of information about the music industry ✨

Or… Listen 🎧 to the podcast.



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