Profile on Alan Partridge fan podcast ‘Monkey Tennis’

Bitesize Profile.

Pray tell, what in the deviled-egg is it?

Welcome to the first Bitesize Profile.

An insight into established podcasts & tips from the people that made them.

With an aim to shed light on podcasting for those interested in starting their own.

A snapshot chat with other podcasters.

Oh yes, you heard me, something new for your ears to behold. I wanted to start a ‘BItesize Profile’ as an excuse for me to learn more from other podcasters to further develop this podcast and share as I learn with you all.

First up — Monkey Tennis Podcast.

You may gather from the episode artwork that Monkey Tennis is an Alan Partridge fan podcast. I am a fan of him, so it’s a match made in podcast heaven for my ears.

Monkey Tennis has been going since 2016, and like me, they started the podcast as a means to learn about podcasting. With a ‘why not just give it a go and learn as we hiccup’ attitude. Simply — get something out there, no-frills. And now they are on Ep 91 ✨

A good older brother podcast to learn from (kudos, to my actual big brother for being amazing).

I’m going to do these every so often, otherwise, bodacious babes business as per.

My guests.

Tom Stabb

Podcast co-host: @tomstabb

Tom co-hosts @monkeytennispodcast with x3 more gents; Adam Brooks, Tom Dark, Nick Alder.

The podcast dissects and celebrates Alan Partridge episode by episode. Described as one of the best TV and Film podcasts by The Telegraph, and featuring guest appearances from stars Stephen Mangan and Simon Greenall.

What we talk about.

✨ Highlights of the podcast so far — first guest Simon Greenall
✨ Inspiration for the podcast (Talking Bad)
✨ Other great companion podcasts for TV shows like Killing Eve, Scrubs, etc.
✨ Acast as a podcast hosting option
✨ Ko-fi vs Patreon (making some income for your podcast)

Do you ever have guests?

✨ Simon Greenall was their first guest for a live show of the podcast. For Alan Partridge fans you would know him as the character, Michael, on the show.

✨ Fun fact, he is also the voice behind Aleksandr the Meerkat of the advertisements

✨ Since they’ve done two lives shows of their podcast + Comic-con twice + London podcast festival.

Inspiration from?

Breaking Bad Insider Podcast — Breaking Bad podcast, it went out after the episode had aired, where they would talk about the episode.

Talking Dead — a fan podcast dedicated to The Walking Dead

A fun way to retrospectively look back on podcats, entertain people, and learn!

Other great companion podcasts?

✨ Scrubs | Zach Braff and Donald Faison launched a Scrubs podcast last month called ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach & Donald’.

✨Fans of BBC TV shows | Obsessed with…BBC Radio | includes Killing Eve, Noughts & Crosses etc.

For The O.C fans | I’ve Never Seen The O.C with Kerry & Heather @neverseentheoc

Where do you host post your podcast?

Monkey Tennis host with Acast now. But only after the first series after they got some success.

Acast Pros at that time:

  • Direct relationship with Apple podcasts — pitch your podcast to Apple for potential homepage promotion
  • Host your podcast
  • Access to analytics — allows you to stream your podcast and make it better

Different tiers now:

  • At the end of last year, Acast launched Acast Open (offers great podcast hosting services for creative podcasters at all staged of your podcasting career).
  • For more information go to Acast Open.

Ko-fi vs. Patreon.

Monkey Tennis started Ko-Fi this series. Tom kindly offers some insight into Patreon and why they chose Ko-Fi.

I was also looking into Patreon, but have decided to go down a similar route to Ko-fi. I’m using Buy Me A Coffee. The coffee vibe also works for me.

Buy me a coffee

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