Podcast Tips: Audioboom, free image editor tools & audio gear | Guest Aniya 🎙

3 min readOct 10, 2020

Discussing Audioboom, free image editor tools incl BeFunky.com & audio gear (Rode mic, Squadcast), and more.

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Ep 23 | Podcast Profile ‘No Regrets’.

This week I chat with Aniya Das, about her podcast ‘No Regrets’. Weirdly we may have passed by one another only a few weeks ago when Helena Gee (from Episode 26) invited by to record that episode with her and Zoe Ellen Grant at the BMG office.


My guests.

Aniya Das

Podcaster & Receptionist & PA for VP of Marketing at BMG

Instagram: @noregretspod

✨ Host and produces her podcast ‘No Regrets’

✨ Day job | works at BMG in London — 3 days a week on reception, 2 days a week PA VP of Marketing

✨ Also a musician under Orla Das.

No Regrets Podcast.

Say your peace — have no regrets.

In each episode Aniya speaks to someone about a moment in their life where they wish they’d said something but never did. It could be a really significant moment in your past, or something super trivial.

Free design tools.

✨ The ‘No Regret’ artwork was made on BeFunky.com — all-in-one online Creative Platform has everything you need to easily edit photos, create graphic designs, and make photo collages.

✨ Also used a stock image off Shuterstock (free copyright images)

Pixlr — another free online image editor

Audio tips.

Recording gear:

✨ Rode Mic http://en.rode.com/ + microphone cradle + pop shield

✨ Use Squadcast to record audio — you can see your guests mic settings

Audio recording tips:

✨ Pop a sock on the microphone to act as a ‘pop shield’ to minimise ‘tt’s’ etc.

✨ Try recording under a duvet to absorb the sound

Podcast recommendation.

Aniya was inspired by Elizabeth Day.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day — she speaks to successful people about their failures.

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