Music Technology, Royalty Collection and more| Talking with Sentric Music ✨

Loren & Sabine of Sentric Music talk to me about how it works.

What we talk about.

✨ Introductions & what is Sentric, how does it work and what do you get?

✨ What their job role entails

Advice to an artist looking into Music Publishing + advice to someone wanting to get into your job

Tech-driven influence into charts and sales — Alexa driving last years Christmas №1

Utilising Sentiment analysis to help you as an artist

Not necessarily a generation of a new revenue stream. It is existing revenue that is available to them now that they are not capitalising on.

My guests.

Sentric Music: Both my guests this week work at the independent music publisher Sentric Music.

Loren McShane | Head of Legal at Sentric Music

  • Writer Agreements
  • Sub-Publishing
  • Co-Publishing Agreements
  • T&C’s for Competitions
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Acquisitions

Sabine Douglas | Head of Business Operations at Sentric Music

  • She comes from a tech background, interested in how it can help the music industry.
  • She started out with a mobile app company, working with iPlayer Radio, XFactor, and various other music tech.
  • Using sentiment analysis; analysing mood, lyrics, BMP (beats per minute), etc.


✨ Advise writers to get independent legal advice before entering any agreements

✨ Check out WTF music publishing blog (see below)

✨ Check out Deaks Music Law — for music contract advice, band agreements, and more.

Music resources mentioned in the podcast.

  • Breaks down, in lamens terms, in a whity, digestible form, what the nuances of music publishing without getting too detailed.
  • It will tell you what money you are owed.

✨ Article on Ellie Goulding’s UK №1 powered by Alexa — read here.

✨ Book on the Music Industry by Ann Harrison is ‘Music: The Business’


✨ Gillian Morris (VP at GMR / ex-TuneCore)

✨ Ali DeRosa (Consultant / ex-General Counsel / COO at Parkwood Entertainment)

✨ Maurine Ford (MTV)

✨ Catherine Grimes (Heads of Music at BBC Studios)

✨ Helen Deakin (Deaks Music Law)

✨ Safiya Lambie- Knight (Spotify)

✨ Jess Partridge (London In Stereo)

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