🎙: Being an Artist Manager for Bands | Guest: Tash & Ina from Hoof Mgmt 🍑 Ep 2

4 min readFeb 24, 2020



This week, in Episode 2 we are chatting about Artist Management with Tash Cutts and Ina Tatarko. They are two of three bodacious babes that set up their own management company called Hoof Mgmt. (what a name) alongside Sinead Mills who unfortunately could not make it for dinner and chat.

Finally, I made finger food BAO BUNS — no more cutlery sounds on the podcast! Plus, we eat vegan tonight!


This week I had 2 of the 3 ladies that make up Hoof Mgmt.
TASH — also manages a band called Squid and recently Lazarus Kane.
INA — also manages Squid and additionally manages a saxophone player and producer called Laura Misch (who I love). Ina has also just started working with singer and pianist called Martha Skye Murphy. Ina’s DAY JOB (that’s right she manages 3 bands and has a day job, this is an inspirational lady here) is as an artist manager for End Of The Road (looks after Ezra Furman).

Dinner: Vegan Bao Buns


✨ Path to now
✨ Day to day of artist management
✨ Advice to get into artist management
✨ End with shout outs other bodacious babes we are loving right now / people doing amazing things we want to share!


Bao buns (6 for £2 at M&S) with smoked tofu marinated in soy/chili/ginger/rice wine vinegar/sugar and pickled veg + tomatoes & olives + wine! Recipe with a how-to video here.


Ina’s / Squid bands van here.


✨ Joanie Eaton along, with Sarah Joy (below), have a label and mgmt. company called Babelogue. Joanie also is a Project Manager at Mexican Summer (who will be on a future podcast)
✨ Louise Healey — lovely lass, part of Modest Mgmt.
✨ Sarah Joy — ATC booking agent
✨ Holly Whitaker — photographer
✨ Ally Horn — layer at Russels
✨ Luke Ellis at PIAS
✨ Dan Carey (producer), Pierre, Lex
✨ Feedy — manager
✨ Sarah Brooksbank — artist manager
✨ Ellie Giles — artist manager (Bill Ryder-Jones)
✨ Baddass Tour managers — Jess Clarke, Nyla Davidson
✨ Sofia Lopes — sound engineer
✨ Jess Partridge — runs London and Stereo
✨ Lauren Down, one of the directors at End Of The Road
✨ Clotilde Boyle -A&R
✨ Jacqui Rice — Domino Records Co-Founder
✨Brooke Salisbury — Head Of Marketing, Domino Record


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