Artist Development & Creative Marketing Role in the Music Industry | Guest: Mira Silvers 🎧

4 min readOct 10, 2020


Mira has her own agency and management firm called FORT. Launching a new arm soon too!

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Episode 26.

Smiled so much listening back and editing this one!

Mira and I met in snowy Novia Scotia, back in October 2019. She now works with the lady (Ffi) who recommended me to the Novia Scotia Music week team to come from London to chat music at their music week.

Listen back to Ep 10 for more on Nova Scotia Music Week and the role a Special Projects & Conference Manager for the festival with my guest Dana Beeler.


What we talk about.

✨ A supporter of an artist building organic friendships with other artists

✨ Tricky to tell who is genuine in the music industry

✨ Growing up in Saudi Arabia and pirating radio stations from Bahrain to dub music like Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Jungle, Garage from those radio stations (Bahrain used to bring in British DJs) and listening to electro Arabic Beats

✨ Initial dream job was to work at NASA

✨ Being a woman, especially a woman of colour, and having many doors slammed in her face trying to get into the industry

PLUS Mira has shared some amazing tips, advice, reading, and resource links for all our newsletter readers too, see below.

My guests.

Mira Silvers

Artist Manager & Marketer
Agency: FORT

Mira has her own agency and management firm called FORT. Launching a new arm soon too!

✨ Background and expertise is in live touring, an artist agent and artist manager (a lot of that role is development & marketing)

✨ Currently also helping to produce her artist’s music videos

✨ Also co-writes for a comic book series, called Kissaten, which her best friend, Gandhi Delsoin created.


✨ Make space for you and others by carving your own path ✨


✨ Music Marketing terms —

✨ For more insight into Music Publishing, check out Songtrust’s Virtual Workshops

✨ For resources on activism in music — The Show Must Be Paused and Black Music Action Coalition

✨ For industry tips and advice, follow Z@djboothEIC — DJ Booth is a great resource!

✨ For music business/news/announcements, also read Music Business Worldwide, Billboard, NPR

Book Recommendations.

Marketing, strategy, etc. read recommendations from Mira:

The Elegant Universe

Liberation Through Hearing

Made to Stick

Zag — Marty Neumeier

✨ For music business, I highly recommend reading: All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman

FORT Roster.



✨ Gabi @ Bitesize Bodacious Babes

✨ Ffi Lewis @ FORT Ent.

✨ Jamila Thomas, Senior Director of Marketing @ Atlantic Records

✨ Brianna Agyemang, Senior Artist Campaign Manager @ Platoon

✨ Doris Muñoz, Founder/Artist Manager @ Mila Management & Solidarity for Sanctuary

✨ Kei Henderson, Founder/Senior VP Marketing/Artist Manager @ Since the 80s

✨ Caroline Diaz, VP A&R @ Interscope Records

✨ Rayna Bass, Senior VP Marketing @ 300 Entertainment

✨ Ramya Velury, Artist Manager

✨ Tiffany Kumar, Founder @ Beat House

✨ Desiree Perez, CEO @ Roc Nation

✨ Ethiopia Habtemariam, President @ Motown Records

✨ Heather Lowery President/CEO @ Femme it Forward, Live Nation

✨ Clarence Avant — check out the documentary ‘The Black Godfather’

✨ Helen Britton, CEO/Artist Manager @ Six Shooter Records

✨ Allison Outhit, VP Business Affairs @ Six Shooter Records

✨ Kim Temple, Head of Licensing and Publishing @ Six Shooter Records / High Priestess Publishing

✨ Jelly Denniston, A&R @ Communion Records

✨ Brontë Jane, VP of A&R @ Third Side Music

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