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2 min readFeb 18, 2021

Podcast Profile on Mental Health Stories

This week I have Halina Rifai joining me on Episode 31. This is another of my chats with a fellow podcaster. Halina is such a key player in the music scene up here in Scotland and a keen storyteller and mental health advocate.

It was a joy to finally sit down with her and I was thrilled she was happy to discuss her podcast ‘A Sonic Hug ‘. The podcast hears from people from different walks of life who deal with, experience, and battle mental health issues.


What we talk about.

✨ Why she started doing the podcast

✨ How in Scotland, people do not talk enough about Mental Health

✨ The phrase “Man Up”

✨ The little things that make us feel better

✨ The importance of humour

✨ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

✨ Mental Health resources (see links below)

My guest.

Halina Rifai

Mental Health Advocate, Podcaster, Producer
Website www.HalinaRifai.com

Halina works in music and here are just some of her projects:

✨ Podcaster & Music Writer @ podcart — a Glasgow-based music blog and podcast

✨ Mental Health Advocate @ ASonicHug

✨ Volunteer @ Scotwim (Scottish Women Inventing Music)

Check out her website for more information.

A Sonic Hug.

Halina founded online and offline mental health safe space ‘A Sonic Hug’ to help people recognise some of the issues they were experiencing.

You can listen to the stories, including Halina’s, via the brilliant The Big Light website.

This is not only a podcast, it is an initiative. Halina has also been looking at how to make live events more accessible for those experiencing mental health difficulties. This is currently on pause due to live events spaces no longer being open during Covid-19.

Mental Health Resources.

Some resources that Halina kindly curated for me to share with you:


Mental Health Foundation


Anxiety UK

Safer Scot

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Heath)

Breathing Space


✨ Mental Health Course — this one is paid but if interested take a look here


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