Podcast Profile on Mental Health Stories

This week I have Halina Rifai joining me on Episode 31. This is another of my chats with a fellow podcaster. Halina is such a key player in the music scene up here in Scotland and a keen storyteller and mental health advocate.

It was a joy to finally sit…

Tips of what to have ready ahead of delivering your podcast episodes

I use Soundcloud to host my podcast. Your host site is the place you upload my episodes, and where I get my RSS feed which is distributing the episodes to podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc. So, for this piece, screenshots are from my Soundcloud page 👍.

Pre-delivery Podcast Checklist

This is what I prepare and check off ahead of each episode going live.

  1. Audio file safe…

Do you love fruit AND synths? Or, just love playing with new tech toys?

Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Educate ✨ Celebrate

Ep 28 | Immersive Audio & Sound Art

I’ve made it to Ep 28 on my bi-weekly podcast by women in music ‘Bitesize Bodacious Babes’ which offers bitesize chunks of information about the music industry aiming to demystify, inspire, educate and celebrate.

My guest Mahin talks banana synths, conductive paint for…


Scottish lassie @gabicorbett

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