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I came across Ruth’s work via seeing her work with Lava La Rue on Instagram.

Not only a fellow Scot, but Ruth also knows my previous guest Lori Duncan-Allan (Ep 27 — BBC Scotland’s TUNE — Creation & Production). Her cousin used to go dancing with Lori, so they met through that plus Ruth used to go to some of her shows when Lori was in The Cinnamons. And Ruth did the face painting for Lori’s fabulous Day of The Dead Night in Glasgow. So much Scottish synergy going on here.

Ruth, like all the bodacious babe’s guests, welcomes you…

What is a Band Agreement and why should you have one?

This week I have Helen Deakin join me on Episode 32. She is a pal of mine from my Domino days and is now a freelance Legal & Business Affairs Consultant.

This episode is a mix of advice and tips for artists and also anyone who is interested in moving into a role in music law.

To note, this was recorded back in the Summertime last year! …

Podcast Profile on Mental Health Stories

This week I have Halina Rifai joining me on Episode 31. This is another of my chats with a fellow podcaster. Halina is such a key player in the music scene up here in Scotland and a keen storyteller and mental health advocate.

It was a joy to finally sit down with her and I was thrilled she was happy to discuss her podcast ‘A Sonic Hug ‘. The podcast hears from people from different walks of life who deal with, experience, and battle mental health issues.


What we talk about.

✨ Why she started doing the podcast

✨ How in Scotland, people do…

Sofas being set alight & fake blood highs.

Photos credit @ ainsleymbowman

Ainsley Bowman joins me on Ep 30. She is a Director, Creative, and Filmmaker from Glasgow. Lori, from Ep 27, included Ainsley in her shout out section and I asked to be introduced. It has blossomed since then.

Our chat will focus on Ainsley’s role as a Director for Music Videos with an aim to offer insights, advice, and knowledge about this role.

This episode includes talking through the making of a music video for the band HYYTS, which Ainsley directed earlier this year.

What we talk about.

How & when she became a Director

✨ The pitching process as a freelance director…

Talking software advice, building your portfolio, and more.

Ep 29 — Music Photographer

This is a subject I’ve been looking to chat about for some time. A photographer friend Aron Klien (who I met when I was at Vevo) introduced me to the lovely Phoebe Fox who is my guest for this week’s episode on Music Photography.

Phoebe and Aaron are on the same agency (Trapdoor), and I love that Phoebe never actually studied photography, but taught herself through trial and error and hustling her way into gigs!


Photos of Pheobe in the asset taken by @ ohalfin

What we talk about.

✨ How every day is different. …

Tips of what to have ready ahead of delivering your podcast episodes

I use Soundcloud to host my podcast. Your host site is the place you upload my episodes, and where I get my RSS feed which is distributing the episodes to podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc. So, for this piece, screenshots are from my Soundcloud page 👍.

Pre-delivery Podcast Checklist

This is what I prepare and check off ahead of each episode going live.

  1. Audio file safe as MP3
  2. Artwork for both the podcast profile artwork and each episodes artwork:

The podcast cover art dimensions are 3000 x 3000 pixels, which is a 1:1 aspect ratio. …

Do you love fruit AND synths? Or, just love playing with new tech toys?

Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Educate ✨ Celebrate

Ep 28 | Immersive Audio & Sound Art

I’ve made it to Ep 28 on my bi-weekly podcast by women in music ‘Bitesize Bodacious Babes’ which offers bitesize chunks of information about the music industry aiming to demystify, inspire, educate and celebrate.

My guest Mahin talks banana synths, conductive paint for musical Twister, and seeing a kid in her class use a conductive instrument called a ‘Makey Makey’ to play Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir using water.


What we talk about.

✨ How Mahin the sound artist and a composer works well with her tech side as an Associate scientist at NYU in the Music and Audio…

Discussing Audioboom, free image editor tools incl BeFunky.com & audio gear (Rode mic, Squadcast), and more.

Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Educate ✨ Celebrate

Ep 23 | Podcast Profile ‘No Regrets’.

This week I chat with Aniya Das, about her podcast ‘No Regrets’. Weirdly we may have passed by one another only a few weeks ago when Helena Gee (from Episode 26) invited by to record that episode with her and Zoe Ellen Grant at the BMG office.


My guests.

Aniya Das

Podcaster & Receptionist & PA for VP of Marketing at BMG

Instagram: @noregretspod

✨ Host and produces her podcast ‘No Regrets’

✨ Day job | works at BMG in London…

Discussing beer, roles in that industry & tips to move a business online.

Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Educate ✨ Celebrate

Ep 24 | Podcast Profile ‘Beer With Nat’.

This week I chat with Natalya (Nat) about her podcast ‘Beer with Nat’ whilst having a delicious stout from local Tempest Brewery!

Similar to mine, it is a career-focused podcast where she speaks with women in the beer industry.


My guests.

Nat Watson

Podcaster, Beer Sommelier & Author
Instagram: @beerwithnat

✨ Nat is a Beer Sommelier and Advanced Cicerone® passionate about sharing her knowledge of beer with others by hosting brilliant beer tastings for all kinds of audiences.

✨ She regularly teaches at the…

Demystify ✨ Inspire ✨ Educate ✨ Celebrate

What we talk about.

Jenessa wants to demystify music journalism — it is not a gang, it is not impenetrable, and not just in London. If your work is good, and you have a good attitude about it you are going to be just fine!

✨ Fandom (NME & Top of the Pops nostalgia + chatting Arctic Monkeys and McFly love)

✨ Tips to be a music journalist

✨ Cold pitching

✨ The joy of freelancing

✨ Inclusivity (race, binary and non-binary women)

✨ Writing for different publications

✨ How music writing works


My guests.


Scottish lassie @gabicorbett

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